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Lovin' On You Bells

Price: $49.95
Item Code: SCRAP2925
Color: Denim
Size: 1-3-5-7-9-11-13


There is nothin' better than your fav pair of bell bottoms jeans and a bottle of your favorite WINE! Yes please! Sounds like the perfect duo to us! Hang out during the week or rock your weekened in this stylish fit! Model is 5'11" And these jeans brush the floor perfectly and she is wearing a size 9! These are also very comfortable! :)

Size 0= 23"
Size 1= 24"
Size 3= 25"
Size 5= 26"
Size 7= 27"
Size 9= 28"
Size 11= 29"
Size 13= 30"